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Cambridge Russian Sensory History Network

Upcoming Talks by CRUSH Participants

October 2 2017, Harvard Art Museums: Emma Widdis, Feeling Revolution: Cinema and the Emancipation of the Soviet Senses.

November 12 2017, ASEEES International Convention, Chicago: Emma Widdis, The National Frame: New Research on Representing Nationalities in Soviet Cinema

November 24 2017. Uniglo Tate Late. Book launch for Emma Widdis, Socialist Senses: Film, Feeling and the Soviet Subject (Indiana University Press, 2017)

November 27, University of Oxford: Emma Widdis, Feeling Revolution

December 3, National Film Theatre/British Film Institute: Panel discussion of books by Emma Widdis and J.D. Rhodes: "New Writings: Socialist or Capitalist Spetatorship"?