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Cambridge Russian Sensory History Network

Professor of Russian History

School of Slavonic and East European Studies

University College London 


Susan Morrissey's publications include works on suicide and the body politic, and the economy of nerves and commercial culture in late imperial Russia. Her new project ('Political Violence in Russia, 1901-1911'), which has been funded by the British Academy, explores the relationship between revolutionary terrorism, state-sponsored violence, and culture and media in early twentieth-century Russia.

Recent publications:

'The "Apparel of Innocence": Toward a Moral Economy of Terrorism in Late Imperial Russia', Journal of Modern History, Vol. 84, No. 3 (2012), pp. 607-642

'The Economy of Nerves: Health, Commercial Culture, and the Self in Late Imperial Russia', Slavic Review, Vol. 69, No. 3 (2010), pp. 645-675

Suicide and the Body Politic in Imperial Russia (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2006)


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